in the (burlesque) loop, and free online burlesque classes!

I am taking a little break from studying and performing burlesque for the next few months, primarily to give my family a break from the costuming crazies (see here and here, for example). I am performing again in April, and hopefully kittening (picking up cast-off costume bits onstage) in March. I am still finding ways to enjoy burlesque in the meantime. There is so much going on in and around San Francisco, and I barely scratch the surface, only getting our a few times a month (and that's usually to do my own performance, not attend another event).

Fortunately, it's been easy to stay in the loop and in the know in this town! Recently I've been keeping burlesque on the mind by:

1. Applying to Tease-O-Rama 2012!

Adorable Tease-O-Rama artwork by Tweedlebop.

Last week I submitted my application to Tease-O-Rama! Tease-O-Rama is a ten year old convention showcasing the "neo-burlesque revival". The competition is very stiff, and I am a newbie, but I am keeping my fingers crossed! I submitted my two favorite acts, my flamenco burlesque act, which I CANNOT WAIT to have a chance to perform again, and my Frida Kahlo act, which is so much fun. Wish me luck! This would be another life changing experience for me, I'm sure, being among all this greatness!

Tease-O-Rama is being held at Bimbo's 365 Club in North Beach, where the beautiful Celeste Knickerbocker, a fellow classmate of mine, is sometimes their "girl in a fishbowl" named "Dolphina". You've got to check her and "Dolphina" out in a recent New York Times article (click here). Really neat!

2. Attending another fabulous show!

Tuesday night I attended Bombshell Betty's "Taboo Burlesque, Celebrating those social taboos: Sex, Politics, Religion and Money". It was great fun, with a lot of great commentary on the current Occupy movement, although with all the ridiculous Republican nominees right now I was disappointed that there were no impersonations. An old friend from New Hampshire was in town, and we really tied one on. So fun (and the reason I haven't blogged much this week)!

That's Laura Borealis. We did an act together back in September. Glad to see her back on the scene, she did two very entertaining acts at the "taboo" show.

Here is the spectacular songstress herself, Bombshell Betty!

And finally....

3. Continuing my burlesque studies online!

Sorry for the screenshot, Betty. You look lovely, even mid-sentence!

Bombshell Betty just put up her first five online instructional videos. They are free and there is no other commitment when you sign up to view them. They are fantastic. She is giving instruction on "breaking into the bump and grind". These are the things I learned in her class that turned me into a performer, like "Presence and Story" and "Posture and Movement", among others. If you are curious at all, please click here to get the videos. They are really fun, and were a great refresher for me!

So, those are the current events, burlesque-wise. I dreamt about performing just last night (stress dream, where I can't find all the parts of my costume, so typical) and can't wait to get up on stage again, but am fulfilled in the meantime with all the sparkly goodness I can get my hands on!


  1. I love the artwork on the Tease poster...totally frameable. Good luck! Crossing my fingers (& toes) for you!

  2. I love all of this. I hope you make Tease-O-Rama, and if not, that you learn an awful lot anyway. You are positively inspiring to me in this bold and delicious means of expression you're learning.

  3. How cool is that??!! Awesome!!! I wish you success at getting the Tease-O-Rama! I love this and the freedom it encourages all women to be.

  4. Tania, I love the artwork too! It reminds me of Mary Blair and "It's a Small World". Thank you for the luck, I need it!

    Thank you Susan! I want you to know I really want to dig into your blog one day and read read read.....your posts deserve full attention, I love your writing, so I hopefully will get a chance to read what you've written over the last week or two.

    Thank you, Angelia! It is pretty awesome. I don't know anyone who hasn't come out the other side of burlesque a changed woman. It's wonderful!


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