just the two of us

It's back to just the two of us now. Oliver and I went on a little date to Philz Coffee on 18th Street for some amazing donuts and to pick up some flowers at the shop next door. Spring sprang today, it is just gorgeous out. I would've loved to spend the day outside, but we are awaiting the arrival of an old friend and I had some serious cleaning to do. 

These donuts from Philz, washed down with a Philz half Jacob's Wonderbar-half Ethiopian decaf topped with a sprig of mint are THE breakfast of champions!

Oliver reminds both David and I of Ferdinand the Bull sometimes. Watching a little boy walk around smelling flowers has got to be one of the most adorable sights known to man.

Oliver got a little hot under the collar watching this music video at the flower shop.

Someone was trying really hard to look like they weren't trying too hard. Aw.

Nothing like a day like today to fall in love with San Francisco all over again. Reminds me of when Stella was this age, and I feel so lucky to be able to do that all over again. We are in a very active phase of deciding what is next for our family in terms of staying or going, and today is a good argument for staying. Our seventeen days of self-imposed exile was a great argument for going. We'll see what happens.


  1. What beautiful flowers! My family and I visited San Francisco three years ago and we loved it! I would definately go back.

  2. What a nice time with your little man! I had some special time with mine today too!

  3. My goodness, he is SOO cute and that bulldog. Oh! I just love those dogs.

    It was such a beautiful day for you and the flowers were perfect. :-)

  4. Hi Carolina! Yes, living in San Francisco can sometimes feel like we are on vacation when we walk out the door-so beautiful and so much to do here! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Ann, I just checked out what you and your little guy did today...wonderful!

    Angelia, don't you love ranunculus? So pretty. That's a fake dog, btw! :)

  5. I love San Fran, I used to come up for training once a year. Sometimes we'd be at the Claremont instead of in SF but would always catch Bart in at night. Loved walking up the hills...how the shopping is somewhat spread out through the city. The live music at the microbreweries. The Stinking Rose...dim sum...how it's cold and crisp but manageable with a cute wool peacoat, gloves and knit cap.

  6. love the pics of O looking at the flowers...hopefully he keeps that appreciation of pretty things even as he grows up to become a man

  7. He is adorable with those flowers! I'm sure moments like these will make wonderful memories for him. (:

  8. the flowers are so so lovely. as is baby boy. :) adorable.


  9. Tania, it's a given you and I are getting together the next time you make it to this part of the mainland, right? :)

    To all of you, thank you for noticing what an adorable little guy he is. It's actually sort of crazy how cute he is and how much people dote on him when we're out and about. He's recently gotten more in tune with his olfactory senses, but he uses his whole body to use his nose!


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