after christmas

Sometimes it's nice, when all the furniture is back where it belongs and MOST of the toys are stored, to keep some of the lights up. 

It's also nice, after Christmas, for the UPS man to show up with the rest of your gifts. VERY nice!


  1. Pretty!
    & what a nice surprise!
    The lady that works for UPS here and always brings us our deliveries, she gives me mini heart attacks every time she bangs on the door. But I forgive her, depending on the package. :D

  2. Funny - I got a gifts (that I bought for myself) after xmas too! I know what you mean about the lights, they are the hardest to part with - so keep 'em out - good idea!!!

  3. Hey Tiffanie, it's me again, have you seen this? http://www.blogher.com/welcome-bloghers-inspiration-fitness-program-0?from=bhspinner

  4. Oh no, really? Little late I guess, but better than never. I love the lights left on the table by the lamp. VERY NICE! We still have all ours up. LOL.

  5. Thanks for the link, Larissa. I will check it out!

    One of the gifts in these boxes is for drinking, by the way (hubby's wine of the month club membership kicked in), and one is for me, so I can blog away wherever I feel like! ;)

  6. I kept a strand of lights in every room of the house, and I plan to keep them up all year, every year. They're the best!

    1. Word up, Alisyn. That's how we light our reading nook and our kitchen ceiling! Can't beat 'em!


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