this week

With the exception of school auction meetings, winter concerts, Santa's arrival and a local art walk, this week is all about costumes. I'm burning the candle at both ends. It is so much fun. I have been working with some black and white fake fur, and everything is just covered in little wisps of it. I'm going with a mostly red and white Christmas motif for my upcoming solo act, although my skirt will be made from Linus' light blue blanket. 

Today I got a ton done. Last night I went to bed at almost three in the morning, stressing about getting all the materials together. It always makes more sense after some sleep!

Eventually I will be starting up my architecture business again, so believe me when I say how lucky I am to be partaking in this all-fun-all-day stuff. I am eating up every minute of it. I am a lucky, lucky lady.

All the red trims I could find in the house.

My Snoopy punch line.

You can't take the type A out of the dancer.

Candy-striped garland boa.

Sparklized earmuffs.


  1. Oh how fun, I wish I could some see the show! Snoopy's Christmas? Slight costume tangent but have you seen Mad Fashion on Bravo? Chris March makes some over the top "outfits" but I'd consider them costumes for client's special events. My favorite was the 50s housewife.

  2. I'll have to look into that show, I think that guy is hilarious. I am actually representing 50's fashion in a number we're doing to "History Repeating Itself" next week....I really should google what you're talking about!

    Thanks for the Liebster, my friend. That was really sweet of you....I promise to do my part next week, after this show business is done!


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