bittman's brownies

Among other things, this past three-day weekend we whipped up some brownies. This Mark Bittman brownie recipe lacks a little of the fudgy density I have grown to love from our local bakery's brownies, but it is delicious, and SO easy. He's also got a blond brownie recipe I made all the time when I was pregnant with Oliver that is equally as easy, and even more delicious (for those times you can do without chocolate). You can find both the recipes in his "How to Cook Everything" cookbook.

Oliver helped me out until he could no longer resist hugging me. These brownies were gone in a heartbeat, of course.


  1. Replies
    1. They were! I showed restraint and fed as many as I could to other people before I attacked them. I cut them in wedges, it made them even more awesome.

  2. Oh my! Your little helper looks more delicious than the brownies! I will have to check out the blond brownie recipe. I kind of have a thing for them.

    1. Blond brownies have that awesome texture and caramel/salty thing going and, yes, I have a thing for them, too! :)


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