free time!

My paper flowers on some beautiful and very old French ticking
from French General in Los Angeles.

I have about a million things going on right now, including but not limited to: contracts, proposals, grant writing and more. I have big and small news. I have a lot to share! But, a miracle has happened. I also have planned ahead and will be taking most of July off from working. The kids need me, and I need them, and I managed to leave a giant hole in my schedule before things go bonkers over the next year. So, four weeks of summer, then I'm off to the races again.

I have written about a few extremely exciting goings-on over on the main page of my website. You can head over there if you're so inclined by clicking here, and you can always find me on Instagram as @tiffanieturner.

I do have several great workshops coming up later in the summer here in the Bay Area and in Salt Lake City, then in New Hampshire in September and Los Angeles in November. SO excited about all of that. I will be working on listing those workshops on my website over the next week, and will post links here as well when everything has been settled.

Have a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week. I'll be back soon!


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