showtime: pajama party, elbo room, september 13, 2011

Another amazing show with Bombshell Betty and her Burlesqueteers has come and gone. We had a ball! It was a cast of thousands this time. I have never seen the dressing room so full at the Elbo Room. Chaos!

I liked doing this show a lot. The theme was "Pajama Party". My partner and I took some time to work out some nice, synchronized choreography, and the props and costuming were only difficult because I made them difficult. Our group act was something we put together with Betty over just a few nights in our "Showgirl Chorus" class and was super cute.

Here are some stills from the videos David took. I am really looking forward to the October shows, they are going to be fantastic. The theme is "Art History" and we are already working on a Marilyn Monroe/Andy Warhol pop art number with some crazy colors and costumes, and I'm starting to pull together materials for my solo number as Frida Kahlo. EXCITING!

The fantastic Laura Borealis and I hamming it up to "I Think We're Alone Now", the 1967 version, not the 1987 version.

Feeling "sheepish" before the show. I love when the flash eliminates my worst features!

My devoted fan.

Our Showgirl Chorus act. A flock of sheep circling around Bombshell Betty and jumping a small fence while she croons "Dream A Little Dream Of Me". Lovely. I'm the black sheep.

Betty has a thing for animals. I've been a chicken dressed as a rabbit for her, now a lamb. She was a wolf in Red Riding Hood's clothing (a classic, amazing act of hers). What's next? I'm scared!


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