brilliant projects heretofore unpublished: hydrangea I

Hydrangea I
pencil + watercolor on paper
20" x 20" 

Hydrangea I, detail A

Hydrangea I, detail B

Here's the only hydrangea piece I've completed. It's probably my most popular piece. The colors aren't perfect in these slide scans. but you can see the technique I used pretty clearly. I love drawing and painting hydrangeas. I'd love to paint a white one, somehow using the paper and opaque white with faint hints of green as the coloring. 

A few years ago I started a new hydrangea painting. It still looks like this:

To read more about these pieces, and my artist's statement as related to them, please click here.


  1. That IS what the white ones look like with soft greenish and purple! I really like seeing the unfinished one so you can study the technique. Just beautiful!

  2. Hydrangeas are my hands-down favorite flower. Yours are brilliant! I love the greenish one. Nothing in the world is that color except a hydrangea and you have nailed it!

    1. Thank you, SS. So sweet of you to say! Hydrangeas have a very unique green, for sure!

  3. Hi, Tiffanie! My name is Darcy. I am looking for a hydrangea to put in the corner of the invations I am designing myself. (I am in NO way an artist, and cannot draw like you. lol) I LOVE your blue and purple paintings. They are exactly what I'm looking for and nothing else compares. Can I use one for the corner of my invites? Thank you!

    1. Hi Darcy,

      I am glad you like them. However, these are works that took literally hundreds of hours and I'm not much interested in sharing this hard work and having it be uncredited. If you'd like to use it, please email me separately and we can discuss crediting my work. Thank you!


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