corners: repurposing

I am not the first genius to use a crate as a bookshelf, and most of the repurposing in our place is due to us running out of room. But I do love seeing the "creative reuse" of everyday things when they are used for purposes other than they were intended. One of my favorites in our place is reusing the old architectural beam detail samples from a project I worked on in Sausalito that are now bookends in Stella's room (you've seen the tour by now). But this one is the most practical:

Behold Oliver's changing table. A used hollow core interior door, cut down to my specifications and trimmed by my favorite contractor, Andrew, and set on top of a pair of stacked Utrecht flat files. I haven't had a home office set up for a couple of years now, so this was a great compromise (selling them being the other option). It's the perfect height, with lots of room for other things like diapers, wipes, blankets, a light, a fan, semi-clean clothes I don't want to put back in Oliver's dresser, etc. We changed Stella on top of an Ikea 2 x 4 Expedit bookshelf, after we gave away our traditional changing table to make room for the bookshelf. Just goes to show, you don't really need half the stuff you think you'll need when you have a baby.

If I ever get this guy potty trained, I wonder what to do with it next. It's so deep, and it's not easy to sit at. Not the greatest proportions for most uses, but it's a damn good changing table!


  1. I'm so jealous of the architect file cabinet, I can't see straight! Love this! There is a vintage one on sale at a place in Hawaii but I have no room for it plus it's kinda pricey. I work for one of the oldest companies and landholders in Hawaii and the cabinet for sale was previously owned by the architect firm they had back in the day.

    1. Oh girl, I worked hard to earn those file cabinets. They are worth every penny. With a house full of toys and noise and kids, there is no where safe for precious drawings and works in progress. Granted a few drawers are junk drawers, but I only keep beautiful junk in those ones!

  2. I got so much great free stuff from my old work - bookcase, file cabinet, drafting table, taboret! The flat file is probably a beast but you will miss it when/if you get rid of it!

    I didn't get much in the way of baby gear - you really don't need a lot and they out grow stages fast! I didn't get a crib with my first. I just had a pack n play & co-sleeping of course! I got one the second time (because we had the space) and confirmed we didn't need one!

  3. I will not be getting rid of these, evah! But they are a terrible proportion when trying to blend into any room. The thought of moving them scares me more than moving our piano!

    The only regret I have about no crib and just co-sleeping is that getting Oliver out of our bed is going to be a long, long process. I still can't go to the bathroom at night without him waking and following me. Can't I get a minute alone!? :)


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