bánh mì

We had a long, long day in Golden Gate Park today, and when we got home I made some Vietnamese sandwiches for dinner. We are lucky that the Korean market a block away carries the Vietnamese bread called bánh mì, so it's easy. I've used this recipe for years. I tweak the recipe just slightly by omitting the cucumbers and adding Sriracha sauce to the mayonnaise. I also use the broiler for the meat and the bread, gutting the small loaves and taking some of the extra bread out of the middle, slathering with mayo, and THEN broiling. Also, we use LOTS of jalapeños. 

Today I used chicken thigh and pork tenderloin. They were both tasty. This recipe yields a very authentic sandwich. I know because here in San Francisco you can find them everywhere, so I know a good one when I taste it. It's great to be able to make your own pickled vegetables so quickly. They are the key to a great bánh mì.


  1. Looks really fresh and spicy - yum! I am guessing you modified this recipe for the children ; )

  2. Hahahaha, Ann. Aren't you the one who coined "too good for children"? :)

  3. Yum! When we lived in the DC area, there were Vietnamese restaurants everywhere. love banh mi and haven't had it since we moved to Boston. But you've inspired me to stop whining and make it at home! I might have to use French baguette though.

    1. I'm starting to love our homemade ones more than the real ones, because a lot of times you'll get some meat that doesn't taste so great! I forgot one tip....sometimes I'll just rub a pork tenderloin in oil, a little salt, and lots of five spice powder and bake it. That makes a GREAT filling for the sandwiches!


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