big things and a little help

It's ridiculous how long I'm going between postings these days. I guess Instagram in its simplicity and immediacy has my heart. But I want to share some big happenings here, professionally speaking.

In August I was granted a book deal. A BOOK DEAL!!! I am currently writing my first book on paper flowers. It's crazy. What a dream come true. The title is (for now) Papel: The Fine Art of Botanical Paper Craft, which pretty much says it all. Guess what? That giant peony tutorial many, many visitors to my blog come here for will be in the book, as well as dozens and dozens of wonderful, magical flowers and projects to use them for. I could not be more excited about this!

In September I attended my very first artist residency in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. Best eight days of my life? Pretty much. As an artist and as a mother, to get that kind of solace and time to focus was just incredible, and to have it on my home turf, even more amazing. Eternally grateful to the people at Olde Orchard Farm and my family for giving me that opportunity.

In October I moved into my first art studio! If you were following me at all in 2014, you would know that my giant botanical work was not fitting in with small apartment living, and that it was a daily struggle. I cannot tell you how much better it is for all of us to not have the mess here, to not have to clean up after myself when I am done for the day, the space we've gained here at home, and most importantly, I've gained some sort of work-life separation and balance. That probably won't be true much longer as my work load is HUGE for the next eight months, but it's been great up to now!

In November I started my fundraising campaign to help support the work I am bringing to a major art museum in San Francisco next May. Not sure if I mentioned this here on this blog, but I have been awarded an artist residency at an incredible museum for all of May 2016. Incredible. Still can't believe it. I am also bringing as much work as I can create between now and then to exhibit. I have big plans. Those plans mean no more working on commission and teaching workshops for the next five months, which is extremely hard on me financially, but the only way I can have the time needed to create enough large scale work. (Each piece is taking me upwards of 200 hours to complete now.) This is such a huge honor, and along with exhibiting, I will be working with the public daily on a SUPER big floral piece. It's going to be so fun, so exciting. 

So, I am seeking help, turning over every stone, asking every friend and client and anyone else I can think of, and you, my readers, who probably are not the same readers I had three or four years ago when I was just getting started with the paper art and was mostly blogging about donuts and my family. I am fiscally sponsored by San Francisco's Intersection for the Arts, which means donations to my project are tax deductible. I am going to post the link here, just in case there is a chance anyone reading is interested in supporting this project, and here's a little bit about the project.

By the way, anyone who contributes gets their name on my donor plaque at both exhibits, and my eternal gratitude! 

In short:
This project supports "Nature Constructed", an exhibit and interactive artist residency occurring at a major art museum in San Francisco for the month of May 2016. (This exhibit will also travel to the east coast for an exhibit outside of Boston, MA in August 2016.) Through both the artist residency and the exhibits, I intend to address some of the effects of our changing environment in an aesthetic and thought provoking way. I have a large, built-in audience at both venues, and through public exhibition, daily in-studio discussion and creation of three-dimensional artwork with the public, my goals are to research and represent through my sculpture select effects of the breakdown of our environment on botanical elements of nature, and equally as important to me, to learn about the public's tolerance of the representation of these deformities and irregularities when portrayed in art.

And the donation link:

Be sure to find "Tiffanie Turner/papel SF" on the pull-down menu if you choose to donate to my project. 

I think that's all for now. Well, there is even more, but those are things I can't talk about yet. I love having things a year or more out in the hopper, always something to look forward to. 

I hope you have a very happy holiday season, and a joyous and wonderful new year! Thanks for reading!


(Photo by Oliver)



art for your ear

It's been forever since I wrote here, again. I have been busy, VERY busy. I'm on a plane right now returning from eight AMAZING days at an artist residency in New Hampshire, where I had an entire GIANT, beautiful barn all to myself. It was incredible. I go so much done. I documented it all on my Instagram account (@tiffanieturner) if you'd like to see. It was truly a highlight of my life.

While I was there I recorded a podcast with my friend Danielle, aka The Jealous Curator, for her Art for your Ear series. We talked about what I'm up to (A LOT), how I got started and what's coming next. I loved doing it, and I've been getting some nice feedback on it. If you like to take a listen, you can find it HERE. And for all of the rest of this series, go HERE. There are so many fantastic and inspiring conversations.

More soon! xoxo


free time!

My paper flowers on some beautiful and very old French ticking
from French General in Los Angeles.

I have about a million things going on right now, including but not limited to: contracts, proposals, grant writing and more. I have big and small news. I have a lot to share! But, a miracle has happened. I also have planned ahead and will be taking most of July off from working. The kids need me, and I need them, and I managed to leave a giant hole in my schedule before things go bonkers over the next year. So, four weeks of summer, then I'm off to the races again.

I have written about a few extremely exciting goings-on over on the main page of my website. You can head over there if you're so inclined by clicking here, and you can always find me on Instagram as @tiffanieturner.

I do have several great workshops coming up later in the summer here in the Bay Area and in Salt Lake City, then in New Hampshire in September and Los Angeles in November. SO excited about all of that. I will be working on listing those workshops on my website over the next week, and will post links here as well when everything has been settled.

Have a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week. I'll be back soon!


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