round up: summer so far

I am enjoying another wonderful summer with the kids, and I thank my lucky stars as always. The weather is cold cold cold. We've got our summertime fun list ready, and we are savoring every day. That might sound overly poetic, but that is what is going on right now, and I know how lucky I am. 

I am also juggling two LARGE commissions, preparations for my upcoming workshops, and trying to finish my papel SF website and new CV for grant and residency applications, all seemingly due on July 15th. So, still as tired as always, although trying to wrap it up by 1:00 a.m. the nights I work now.

I started writing here three years ago to document our summer together, and David and I frequently pour over these "round up" posts to reminisce about our life together (here is the archive of my first month of blogging, so sweet). I couldn't let any more of this summer get past without some photos to look back on, even if they are only dumped from my phone.

I hope you are having a great summer, too. xoxo

Stella and I get every morning to ourselves now, so nice. Also, new flowers for upcoming workshops.

 Making pretzels with a friend, a banana slug and kicking back in Berkeley with friends.

 Old shoes, a trip to Castle in the Air, regular Thursday cafe date for my computing needs.

R + D, delivering finished HEADS, working on an order of 34 dahlia headpieces!

 A cold library and bookstore day in the Upper Haight, dance party hijinks.

 We kicked off summer with four days in Point Reyes Station in the yurt we've stayed in for ten years.

Olema Valley horse trail hike, first night BBQ, sunset (and three visible planets one night). Best day.

 Yurt selfie with skylight, how Oliver plays Boggle, "The Gatekeepers of Senorah".

 Volcano painting, local Point Reyes flowers at Toby's downtown, stages.

 An amazing bounty of bracelets from the amazing Cathy Callahan, the misery of working where we eat, Charles Rennie Mackintosh for so much inspiration.

 Paper flower headpiece workshop revamp. I'm loving it.

 A Saturday lunch in the redwoods with close friends, and I cleaned the kids' room, my Father's Day gift to David.

La Urbana for the man of the hour on Father's Day.

 First pool day in Novato of the year, getting some help with my website at Makeshift Society, shelf shot.

 My hedgehog, tart plum tart at Kathryn Clark's in Sonoma, and a Slip 'n' Slide, too. Kathryn has taken me into a wonderful fold of artists including Katrina, Lisa, and Sonya, and it's been lovely to be around them and to have them to talk to about the practical and not-so-practical things.

 Devil Moose, big thumb, and a living room I spent my only free time of the week rearranging. WHY?

 A great family Sunday. Breakfast at home, then Flora Grubb and some home improvement research, then some In 'n' Out. Love This Giant is the soundtrack of our summer and Oliver and I like to dance to it. Also, fighting my first and most ridiculous parking ticket.

Tickle me. Sweaters all the time in June, another trip to Novato for a long
stretch into evening at the pool with friends. Good times. :)


july workshops with papel SF

Hi there. Quiet here, isn't it? I have every intention of writing and sharing here again, but I just can't find the time right now. Stella and I have been enjoying our vacation together immensely. We actually just returned from an hour of running together in the Panhandle. I can't believe it! I haven't moved my body in a long, long time. I really hope we keep at it.

In the meantime, I have been teaching myself some new flower techniques for my upcoming July paper flower workshops, including these amazing godetia. I could just wear these alone and be happy, but these workshops will also include marigolds, ranunculus, easy and awesome dahlias, roses, bougainvillea that I am very excited about, and simple carnations. 

Please join me! You can sign up at the links below, with a north bay option and another dahlia class soon to be announced as well. I hope to see you there. Happy Monday! xoxo

Makeshift Society San Francisco
July 10, 2014 6:30-9:00 p.m.

Handcraft Studio School
July 13, 2014 10:30-1:30 p.m.


national donut day giveaway winner!

We have a winner! Drawn at random from a mere twenty-four entrants through my various social media accounts and here on the blog, the winner is Rebecca Howdeshell. Congratulations, Rebecca!

I notice Rebecca is a felt/fiber artist. SO many of those talented people in my life lately, I'm wondering if it's some kind of sign. Anyway, Rebecca, please email me your mailing address at sfcornerblog at hot mail dot com and I will let Wilton know to send you the pans, and I will send you a little package as well by the end of next week (hopefully sooner)!

Happy Donut Day everyone, and have a great weekend!



national donut day + a giveaway (closed)

National Donut Day is coming up this Friday and I've got a little giveaway to celebrate the occasion. I'm not as deserving of the Donut Queen title as I have been in years past. I haven't made a new donut pan project since my boudoir biscuits for tiramisu in January. But I do have a set of donut pans for you, straight from the manufacturer, as well as a few items I'll throw in, straight from me. How about a set of my dahlia greeting cards and another little surprise from my stash of past donut projects? Sounds good, right?

All you need to do is leave a comment letting me know you'd like to win. Either comment below on this post, or on my facebook page, or on the donut photos on my Instagram feed. I'll draw a name at random this Friday the 6th at noon, so you have until then to enter. Go ahead, do it!

My sweet donuts. There was a time I was working on the donuts every single week. I am tired, preoccupied and happily home for the summer with Stella (the reason I started this blog exactly three years ago, to write about our summer vacation), so the donut pans have gone on the back burner. I've got supplies here for some new donuts I've been sitting on for ages and a backlog of ideas. But I'll be honest. I'd love to make a book. I think it would be beautiful and I know a lot of people think the same. But I recently had a frank talk with a friend who has worked for two Bay Area publishing houses in their cookbook divisions, and I got a little nervous. The most daunting thing she said was that many publishers would want to publish new work, not my catalogue of the projects I've completed and shared so far. So I am not sure. Do I keep going here, because I do LOVE to work on them and photograph them, or do I stop now and start writing proposals? I have no idea! Anyone out there have any thoughts? Anyone out there want to help write a proposal? 

In the meantime, I picked out a dozen playful and semi-seasonal donut pan projects for you to try with your new pans. And you can see all sixty-one completed projects here: 101 Donut Pan Ideas

I'll be back Friday afternoon with the winner, so don't forget to enter!

Stack up cake donuts and fill the centers with candies, and you've got individual piñata cakes!

 I used basic flavors in these gumdrop donuts, but think of the possibilities. If you let them
set up a few days they taste and feel just like the real thing, but so much bigger!

Stone fruit season is great for clafoutis. Conveniently shaped donut-peach slices
fit perfectly in the pans, and they are a great size for picnics.

You heard right, muffin tops. Using a donut pan is an EXCELLENT way to get a muffin that is all top. And while we're in Seinfeld territory, you can also use donut pans to make superior Drake's Cakes!

Why? Because they are fun to use on the sidewalk, fun to make, and fun to look at.
I know you wish you could eat one. (Try a giant candy necklace instead!)

Something for the dogs. Easy to make, and canine tested. Score them to make smaller segments for smaller dogs!

Even something for the babies. These are pretty brilliant, and also kid tested. Easy to hold, easy to chew.

Using the backside of the donut pans, you can create edible cups for sorbet and other yummy fillings. Lovely!

Granola rings for hiking and camping!

Speaking of camping, take some fire starters made from of beeswax and sawdust with you to get things going. Just watch which sawdust you use, some are not good for you.

Currently located in my Pantheon of Fails, but beautiful and curious nonetheless. I have a dear friend who is an amazing ceramicist, and one day we are going to make these work. My first attempt with oven-baked clay dissolved under the wet seeds. BUT, if you know how to work with clay and have a kiln, imagine what beautiful green rings you could grow!

And last but not least, beat the heat with ice donuts. We have these on hand year round, no joke.
They make booze even more fun.


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