work in progress: frida!

Last week when Anna (our wonderful, most regular nanny) was here, I got out to nearby Cafe Divis for some seriously needed me time.

Three hours at the bar in the cafe, eating a yam sandwich and doing crossword puzzles, then putting in my earbuds and starting work on my new choreography for the October art history themed shows. I love me time. I love that moment when just the little bit of caffeine I allow myself kicks in and ideas flow. I filled six sketchbook pages with notes on choreography and costume ideas.

I am working on two acts for this show and they are keeping me plenty busy. The first is a fantastic number created by Bombshell Betty, with five other girls, all of us dressed as different brightly colored Marilyn Monroes from Andy Warhol's pop art pieces. It's tightly choreographed and super fun.

For my solo act as Frida Kahlo, I'm using a song I used to listen to fifteen years ago but hadn't thought of until just the other day. I'll keep it a secret for now. It's perfect for what I'm doing in this act. I told myself I was going to try to stop hiding behind excessive props and costuming, but if you could've seen our living room over the past three days you'd see I didn't try very hard. I've thrifted and thrifted and thrifted some more for all the pieces and parts. I've got stuffed animals, flowers, fringe, a poster with moving parts, a body cast (guess what poor Anna helped me with this week while Oliver was napping), Ace bandages, fake hair, you name it, all covered with glitter or something otherwise shiny strewn all about. It's a freaking madhouse over here before each show, something I need to learn to get under control a bit more.

Looking forward to workshopping this next week with Betty. Can't wait, really.

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