on adoption in the old days

As I was pulling together my writings and photos for my recent entry on The Artist's Way, I came across a few mementos of my father's parents, lovingly referred to as "Father" and "G.G.". They ran a real estate office in Wolfeboro, NH, and they adopted my father when he was a newborn, from Boston General. I know my father was very curious about who his birth parents might've been. I, for one, am so glad he was adopted. I adored my grandmother G.G., as did a lot of my young friends (or they at least adored her candy cupboard and unending supply of apple juice cans).

Older sister Margaret ("Aunt Peg"), and my G.G.
A pretty photo of my grandmother, G.G.
"Swag" from their old business. My favorite was the pencils they gave out with simply "Who are The Turners?" stamped along their sides. I wish I had kept a few of those.

Along with the photos were the sweetest, most heartfelt letters from both my grandfather and G.G., expressing to one "Dr. C. Wesley Sewall" their desire to find a sibling for my father, Whit. The text is just so touching. They say things like "we have no wish to harass you with our eagerness" to find another child, and "it would be impossible in words to thank you for all you did" in helping them adopt my father. I can't believe how sweet these letters are.

From my grandfather.
From G.G.

My grandparents went on to adopt two more boys, my Uncle Leigh followed by my Uncle Phillip. I am sure they were also "fine and wonderful" as children, like my dad reportedly was.

I was deeply moved when I read these letters. They are so familiar with emotion, while formal in structure. What a beautiful thing to have to help me remember my grandparents.

Whit as a baby. So beautiful.
Absolutely surreal, to see your parents in their infancy.

We happen to think this guy looks a LOT like my dad did. 
Can you see it?
Just for fun. My mom, brother, dad and I outside The Turner's, Inc., July 4, 1975.


  1. I love this post, am a sucka for old pics. Your mom was rockin her 70s style. I wish I could find the pic of my mom sitting on the porch in the early 70s with her stick straight long blonde hair and oh so 70s halter top on.

    My younger sister, Gabrielle, is adopted. We always get strange looks when we introduce one another as sisters. I'm curvy, fair skinned, hazel eyes and hapa haole (1/2 white & 1/2 Japanese) while Gabi is super thin, dark with jet black hair (1/2 Filipino and 1/2 Japanese).

    1. Thanks Tania. My mother was always hotter than I'll ever be. Not fair! :)

      I have never heard the term "hapa haole" before. I always admire people that adopt. If I get David really tipsy he will entertain the idea for a millisecond. We talked about it more before we had two of our own that sucked us dry. :)


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