I took these shots of the kids one day this week on the way to school, on the school grounds and on the walk home. I am loving the photos of Oliver with the chihuahuas on the play yard. He was fascinated with the dogs, and they gave him lots of kisses. Looks like he might not be allergic to dogs, which unfortunately for me raises the odds of us actually having a dog some day. Boo.

Stella is growing up so fast. When we walk to school, we usually talk about math or how machines or systems work. I don't remember talking like this at all when I was her age, but I do know I was a nerd. Every day we are working it out on the way to school. Unless we're talking about the "Super Girl" costume she's cooking up in her head for Halloween. I can't believe I'm going back into the costume hole again. Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in!

I'm trying to ease her into the fact that she still needs her VERY FIRST HAIRCUT! I held her hair up and took a photo of how nice a bob would look on her. She's not interested (gee, can you tell?). I think it looks fantastic shorter. It'll happen eventually.

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