saturday night celebration

We had a wonderful time celebrating the wedding of a wonderful couple, Chris and Kim, Saturday night. We were so happy to be invited, there among some amazing people and some of David's oldest, dearest friends. We brought Stella and Oliver, and they had a ball. Stella was the belle of the ball (with the exception of Kim, who was a sequined vision of a bride), and she was lovely company for young and "old" alike! The space, a Julia Morgan designed building in Potrero Hill, was beautiful and the weather almost balmy. Gorgeous.

 Stella greeting Ruby, Gina and Brad's adorable little girl. There's her beautiful mom, Gina, doting away.

  An actual Leslie Bandy sighting! I did most of the Oliver-chasing so I didn't get to talk to Leslie as long as I would've liked. I should mention how dapper David was looking. He was!

  Catered by Little Green Cyclo, everything was delicious. Powered by madeleines and strawberry lemonade, crashing came hours later in the form of both of these two sobbing uncontrollably because their dad wanted to stay out later than they could. I've never heard the two of them miss their father so loudly.

The inimitable Will Fry.

 Stella, Ruby's dad Brad, and Ruby.

Eventually this dance floor was packed. With the father of the bride busting out his awesome Detroit dance moves, and the groom being a third of the awesomeness that is Saturday Night Soul Party and also owning The Explorist International, AND having lots of Zombies for friends, you know that place was jumping!

Here's how you know it's time to go. They made it until 10:15 or so, cried their way home, and we all snuggled up and tried to wait for daddy to get home. Which he did, much later!

Congratulations, Kim and Chris!

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