cook the box #1, night #1

cook the box

As much as we get excited about our summer veggie box, the winter CSA box has the real "cookin'" vegetables in it. We picked up a box filled with cold weather produce yesterday afternoon, and I intend on cooking/serving/eating everything that came in it this week.

Night #1:
I set the oven to 425°, sliced the Delicata into rounds, picked out most of the seeds (I forgot to scoop them out), tossed them with olive oil, sea salt and pepper, and threw them in the oven for forty five minutes, along with two bone-in, skin-on, salted chicken breasts.

While those were cooking, I trimmed the Tokyo turnips, reserving the turnips. I chopped the greens, and right before the chicken was done in the oven, sauteed the greens with olive oil and garlic. You'd think our CSA farm was located in Gilroy with the amount of garlic we've accumulated this year. I served it all up with their salad mix. Even Stella asks for salad at dinner, I think to avoid having to eat chicken.

For dessert, peeled crispy persimmon slices.

That leaves me with brocolli, potatoes, more salad mix, more garlic, two Asian "Yali" pears, an acorn squash, a huge bunch of curly kale, green beans, four small turnips and two more persimmons. Did you know that all of this amazing organic produce cost us twenty four dollars? Yadda yadda yadda, as Oliver would say.

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