lazy saturday and some vintage shopping in the 'hood

Stella had a big wish this weekend. She wished she could rest her legs. She had the walkathon last weekend on the tail of our return from Disney with all THAT walking, another week of walking to and from school at a very fast pace every day, and then the extra mileage of trekking into Golden Gate Park after school yesterday for a birthday party. So she was done.

Despite the glorious weather today, we stayed home. Our friend Beth stopped by in the morning for a visit, then it was a whole lot of nothing. This last summer was built out of days like today, but lately we've been so "productive" that a day like this can confuse the hell out of me. I'm not complaining, though.

I stepped out for a minute to check out a lamp we recently noticed in the window of The Other Shop after lunch. The Other Shop is where a huge percentage of our home furnishings are from. What a gold mine. The lamp was gone, but there was this beautiful set of the extra large Eames House Of Cards. Sure would love to play with those! A few doors down at Cookin' I saw some Fire-King Azurite chili bowls in the window. Those I couldn't pass up, and now they're in David's closet, waiting for him to wrap them and put them under the Christmas tree for me, when the time comes. Before I had a little boy, I had a formidable Fire-King collection. But you can only serve so much applesauce and bunny crackers in your precious glassware before you're left with just shards. Plus, somewhere along the way I discovered Heath and jumped ship, a little bit.

It was such a lazy Saturday that dinner was a pile of cheese, apple slices and ak-maks served on a huge wooden plate in bed while we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Love a dinner with zero preparation and zero cleanup. Especially helpful right now as I'm still trying to unpack everything from my recent shows, and our place is a mess!

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