cook the box #1, night #2

cook the box

Coffee from David and fresh fruit for me, and fruit for Stella's lunch today. She's off to a mural tour/Dia de Los Muertos exhibit in the Mission with her school. In the Mission without me? Big girl.

Night #2:
Tonight I'm using the curly kale and acorn squash, and serving them with filet of sole and brown rice. No one makes filet of sole like my grandmother G.G. did, I wish I had her recipe.

The squash, with agave, butter and salt. And some punks, working really, really intensely. These two can't get enough "spooky". They will be sad when Halloween is over, these little creeps.

Here's a tip. Buy a pumpkin that's just starting to soften and rot, and let your little one who can't use a real knife and isn't ready to draw the jack-o-lantern faces spend a few hours shoving butter knives, spoons, and toys into the mushy mess. Oliver really felt like he was part of the action today.

Baked brown rice. This baked for an hour and shared the oven with the filet of sole for the last twenty five minutes. Do you know this rice recipe? A must have if you don't have a rice cooker. It's Alton Brown's, whom I must give credit to, as we've used this recipe hundreds of times.

Spam, as a seasoning with garlic for kale. Sauteed in olive oil. We conquered our fear of Spam in Hawaii before the kids were born. David and I honestly get excited when we know it's on the menu.

Speaking of Spam, check out my artist, craftsman, obsessive Spam collector friend Mike's Spam piece here, and check out his gorgeous thrown pieces here.

That was delicious. Poor Oliver. The pobrecito didn't eat much tonight. This just isn't his style.

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