what i: red & blue

what i:

Decidedly unvintage red dress. Blue shoes, you know the drill. White hat with sequined red apple applique, left over from the "Tropical Adventure" show in July. I had to check with David that it wasn't too cheesy to wear out. I've lost all critical perspective when it comes to sparkly things on my clothes.

We had a nice walk in the hot weather through Sunday Streets in the Mission yesterday. This red door wasn't far down Valencia from somewhere I would love to try very soon, Mission Cheese. A wonderful little space with a wonderful little menu. At the same time we are limping our way toward vegetarianism/veganism over here (more on that later), but I know I will never go completely. There will always be a meat and cheese here or there. We are working hard on a gradual, partial transition (you can thank our also-trying-to-quit friends, Windy and Derek, Forks Over Knives and The China Study, and my neurologist for our shift in thinking). Will keep you posted!

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