corners: red & blue persuasion

I called red and blue about six years ago. I swear I called it before I started seeing it all over the place. I think I told my friend Darcie to mark my words one night at a dinner party she was throwing. I am super attracted to it. I think red and blue is beautiful, still.

David gave me this pretty pillow for Christmas a few years into my fetish. Kids aren't allowed to use it, in general.

Bright red bird lights against Stella's light blue walls. Watch for Stella's bedroom to be featured here and at Ohdeedoh in the next few weeks.

Tibetan felt balls I found in a shop nearby.

Red and blue cards from Dutch Door Press and elsewhere. The reason I have such a love affair going with DDP. Those colors and graphics get me so fired up!

I made this giant yarn egg out of some gorgeous blue yarn wrapped around an enormous amount of packing newspapers that came in a package from my mother a few years ago. There is so much paper stuffed in that thing, you wouldn't believe it.

Of course that giant blue egg stays perched on top of a stack of books on top of a big ol' red cabinet.

Blue and orange Rody horsies on blue rugs with red chairs and red Djarum containers and red artwork from our friend, oh my!

Red and blue circus popcorn bags for Stella's thrifted MLP birthday surprises this year. What is it about these things? She saw her first one this summer, at the Alemany Flea Market.

Community Thrift in the Mission has dollar records. Never listened to this one, but gaze at it all the time!

An older incarnation of our bedroom. Blue patterned pillows, red and white flowers everywhere.

I've never regretted picking the red Eames chair, and if I'm ever to score the rocker, it'll be light blue. That's a tiny Stella, by the way!

Balloons for Oliver.

This motorbike our friend Derek helped design was a big surprise when I saw it at it's unveiling.

Even this can of Crisco can get me going.

It's a good thing I have the ability to convince myself not to buy unnecessary items, or we would be buried in the red and blue. It's nice to have somewhere to talk about it. ;)


  1. I'm a red and white girl too! Look - blue chairs with red pillow = can't got wrong. http://blog.stephbond.com/2010/11/weekend-wishes-new-chairs-prizes.html. (I couldn't find an email address for you, so had to post the link, sorry).

  2. Hi Steph,

    I don't mind you posting the link at all! I love your blue chair.


  3. thanks for sharing this link tiffanie, we have a red rody horse and my son had the exact same brown/orange striped top!! clearly we both have great taste.

  4. You're welcome, we have graphic eyes!

  5. Hi Tiffanie! I've seen your coment on blubird and followed! Your red and blue pieces are pretty. Happy to meet you!


  6. Hi Gulcin,

    Thanks for your comment! I'm having trouble opening your link from my phone, but will check it out this week when I have time to sit down and read!



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