a job well done

We're back!

What a week last week was, a whirlwind of late nights sewing and practicing while trying to act like a valuable member of this family. My performance with Bombshell Betty & Fromagique was last night and it was worth every ounce of energy spent on it, but we are all happy to start getting rested and back to "normal" around here! I can't wait to properly photograph my costumes and post them here. Hopefully later next week. I'm not sure my photographs could do them justice.

Last week David worked two days at Stella's Spanish camp. Along with one other parent, he ferried nine children (thankfully ocho niñas and uno niño) up to the California Academy of Sciences the first day, and all the way out to the San Francisco Zoo the second. I felt really proud of him taking this on, and I know he is pretty pleased with himself for handling it. Here they are waiting to get going:

I was home with Oliver, practicing makeup (FAIL! Had to pay someone at the show to do it for me. HATE doing makeup). Also, practicing choreography to workshop for Bombshell Betty. Also, not doing housework of any kind.

Tired much?!

The summer fruits and veggies are picking up speed. We love our box from Terra Firma Farms, but we REALLY love it in the summer.  

We still made time for cuddles:

Friday night we made three kinds of pizza. Little helpers:

After dinner, Stella and I took a MUCH needed mommy/daughter evening and went out for ice cream and a silly stroll around the neighborhood. It was a joy, and we are both looking forward to a lot more of that now that my big night has come and gone!


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