absence of color

Oliver likes to be a "rocker". That's what he calls it when he drums. He was ripping it up and driving us crazy this afternoon. David was out bike shopping, and our plans for the afternoon fell through, so we hung back and hung out. 

We headed out late in the evening to get some hot pot. Oliver's nap and the stars aligned. But lo and behold, there has been a serious rash of restaurant closures in the Inner Richmond District. Coriya? Closed. Grand River Hot Pot Cafe? Closed. Chapeau? Luckily, just moved. Royal Thai? Closed for some time, just like a few other Vietnamese haunts we miss. We headed west and landed at a Burmese/Thai gem called Pagan. We had a cozy corner of the restaurant, and Oliver was a perfect gentleman!

Larb gai and tea leaf salad. David makes the BEST larb gai, but we like to sample it whenever we eat Thai food to make sure he's still on point. Oliver loved the pumpkin pork stew. He loves pork.

Conveniently, there is a lovely playground across the street, just down the hill from the Legion of Honor Museum. Fun ensued. Look at that white sky in the background. Miles of fog. No sunsets, no blue skies. Do people understand this about San Francisco?

Whaddaya mean "it's time to go"?

Playgrounds. I didn't grow up with playgrounds. I grew up in the woods. They are a sad substitute for running in the woods and hitting the beach after dinner every night, to me. But, kids in general don't care about that, thankfully. Until we can give them everything, we give them the playgrounds, and the culture, and everything the city has to offer, and hope we're doing the right thing. Surely Stella will let us know if we didn't.


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