Up and running today, back in action! Time to tackle more of our "Summer Fun List" which hangs on our refrigerator, and sometimes taunts me. Yesterday afternoon we received our Sport Brella in the mail. This thing is ridiculously gigantic. I had to get it. The sun, it's so strong now. In this foggy area we live in, no one is prepared for when there is sun. Stella's school yard is merciless in the fall months when we get our summer. The swimming pools have no shade. I had to bite the bullet so we wouldn't be crouching under picnic tables trying not to burn. 

The thing takes up the bulk of our living room. David served leftover pizza for breakfast under the umbrella.

Later, Oliver, Stella and I took the bus to Geary Blvd. and walked down to Japantown, or as Oliver calls it, 'pantown. We did it up. I am eating whatever looks good for the next few days, and these taiyaki looked good. So did the Spam and eggs. So did the bubble tea. 

We had to run that off!

Halls of plastic food:

A quick trip home for a power nap, then back up to Rossi Playground to meet school pals Maddie and Dani with their mom Beth, then a dinner date. It's been a few weeks since we had a super full day like this. Zonked!

Shhhh...it's Ferdinand.


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