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Lunch with our close friends Nora and Eric and their children Ezra and Lucian today at their house in Berkeley. A mellow and lovely day. Beforehand, we stopped at Berkeley Bowl West, a fantastic grocery store. We have friends in Mill Valley who drive all the way over to Berkeley on the weekends to shop there. As a matter of fact, David used to drive over from San Francisco to shop there, now that I think of it, when we first got married. It's beautiful, as far as grocery stores go.

We are looking for some kitchen stools, so we also stopped at Klassic Living (formerly Klassics by Lynne), a Danish modern furniture store. What a great selection of chairs they have, but not the stools we are looking for. 

I thought I'd mention here some other great resources in Berkeley. Particularly, Urban Ore and Ohmega Salvage. Urban Ore is a gigantic lot and warehouse with tons and tons of salvaged junk. It's dirty, it's crazy, it's even a little nasty. But click the link I put here and check out all the images of the place. There is a prolific amount of sh*t there. I believe that's where we scored the salvaged door that became David's office desk. Ohmega specializes in architectural salvage. Much nicer quality, way higher prices, some great finds.

We've found a lot of great and useful items at Berkeley Outlet, which sells used office furniture by Herman Miller and many other great brands. We have made some major scores here, and David and I both have fantasized about decking out a kitchen all in Steelcase and laboratory cabinetry. There are some beautiful units here. The man who owns the place has a great aesthetic eye. It's still a warehouse with a bunch of file cabinets and lab beakers, but it's impressive.

Anyhoo, back at Nora and Eric's place, the kids had a great time, and we had some nice conversation and nice lunch.

Later that evening, some hop on pop action:


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