jammies week

I know we won't be doing much at all this week. I have a performance this coming Thursday night to prepare for, it's cold out, we are feeling snuggly, we ain't going nowhere. Today we got out in the afternoon for our last swim class of the summer, and that was it. I think Stella read for about four hours this morning. I fed her breakfast in bed so as not to interrupt her ravenous reading.

When David got home, we had dinner, then he kept Oliver busy selecting records so Stella and I could play a few games of Go Fish. He played us one of his favorites from long ago, Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, narrated by Richard Burton. What a trip! I'd definitely listen to it again. So silly but at the same time very moving. It reminded me of my old soundtrack to The Hobbit I used to listen to over and over. I can still hear that haunting music, even if it was a Rankin/Bass production.

Stella is terrible at hiding her cards from me, I win every time!


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