lessons in evolution

We spent most of the day at the California Academy of Sciences today. It was such a great day of watching their wondering faces and learning how even our modest carbon footprint is too big. I keep wondering when Stella is going to start to lose sleep about the state of the environment like I do. She has completely gotten on board the "no new plastic" toy policy, so I think she's really starting to put it all together.

Much harder to explain is evolution. The Academy is a great place to stand in front of a series of "homo erectus" and "homo sapiens" skulls and make a fool out of yourself trying to explain why daddy's arms are still so hairy.

Renzo Piano did a bang up job on the building's exterior. The interior, I could take it or leave it. But the exterior is beautiful.

The living roof:

Getting to meander about all day is such a wonderful feeling.


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