ladies' date

Stella and I got a few hours to ourselves today thanks to the help of one of our sitters, Kate. She is in a great indie-style band, by the way, called Magic! Magic Roses. She has a beautiful voice and is going on mini-tour with MGMT next month, which is so exciting!

Stella and I went to Japantown AGAIN! For the third time in a week! She really, really wanted to go to the sushi boat place there. I couldn't deny her, even though I knew the sushi would be bad. I could barely bring myself to grab anything off the boats. Piles of baby octopus and strips of egg went 'round and 'round under the lights, long before we sat down and after we left. I chewed on some sashimi and played it safe with unagi I saw the chef set down himself. But we had an amazing time. We used to take ladies' dates all the time, before Oliver came along. The theater practically every other month, tea houses, ice skating, you name it. That time is so, so, so special to both of us. We are different people when we are out and about without the little guy. Both of us did ask "hey, where's Oliver!" at some point during our date, in ernest! It was a wonderful time. Stella worked on her chopstick skills.

After lunch we checked out the New People building across the street. A little sparsely populated, but gives an interesting look into some more modern things that are going on in Japan, as far as art and fashion are concerned. Stella tried on some awesome split toe high top shoes that I loved on her, but she couldn't get down with. She did come out of there with split toe socks, which make a lot of sense if you want to wear your flip-flops in San Francisco's icy weather. 

I had a bit of a hard time explaining the fashions we saw in Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. The designs are, to a child's eye, giant baby doll dresses. Let's leave it at that. From that perspective, they were fun and beautiful to look at. They are really exquisitely detailed, and if they weren't so expensive, momma might've come home with an awesome new fascinator/headband. I had no idea this or any of the other shops in this place existed. It seems to be a pretty successful mixed-use building, and I think we'll be back to check out the cafe and maybe a movie. Find something new every day in this town.

Even with such a perfect afternoon, the glow from our ladies' date couldn't last very long when we got home to Sluggo here, in need of nursing and heading into witching hour.

Another date can't come soon enough ♥

Double that for one with her daddy ♥♥


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