¡meat meet 2011!

Every year at this time our dear friends Darcie and Mike throw a party like you wouldn't believe, the Meat Meet. They are incredible hosts and make it all seem so effortless. What a good time! The kids love it, we love being among so many friendly faces, and the food is fantastic. All I have to show for that is a photo of some chickens, as I park myself under the tree every year and let the food flow to me! David and I are addicted to the stuffed grilled jalepe├▒os and this year ate so many of those that we barely touched the rest of the meat, but what I did eat was amazing.

Here I am before the Meet, managing to still look short in three inch heels, also looking a little on the defensive, and possibly overdressed:

Here are the only food shots, two dancing chickens with a bevy of peppers around them. Trust me, there was enough brisket and ribs for 60 men.

Grillmaster and megahost, Mike "Stupe" V.

We only see most of the children once a year, so this day always marks the passage of time for the adults. Here is little Stella just one year ago at the Meet:

She was such a baby face! Here she is this year:

Oliver last year:

He was such a baby! Here he is this year:

For more on Oliver "then and now", click here!

The Meat Meet always ends in a raucous live karaoke/mega guitar/bass/drum jam session known independently as "Rock Night". I had to get the kiddies home and into bed, but David and his pals drunkenly shredded all evening and into the night, ending before midnight with a twenty five minute long rendition of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs", so I hear. I usually like to get in a good 80's song and maybe sing a Led Zeppelin song or two with the other ladies. Unfortunately, the last time I participated I didn't fully get my voice back for three months, so I decided to sit this one out!

I just loved watching my hubby and little boy dance around the garage while our friend David rapped on and on about me being a hot mama or some such business. Will have to make him something special when he comes for dinner this week. 

¡Meat Meet 2011! was the one to beat! ¡Muchas gracias, todos!


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