ideas for cinco de mayo: four festive decorations

I've got four festive ideas for decorations for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations this weekend! I've been pretty excited about these, so let's jump right in.

1. Mexican oilcloth bunting!

JUST in case you haven't had enough bunting (it's everywhere!), I whipped up these two in just a few hours last night, using triangles of assorted Mexican oilcloth, kitchen twine, and my glue gun. I did a how-to using fabric last year, which you can see here.

2. Big cheerful bowl of Jarritos! 

This one is a slam dunk, super easy. Nothing is brighter than sunlight through a bottle of Jarritos, the crazy, sugary soda that is hecho en Mexico. Put a dozen in a giant colorful bowl of ice. This would look awesome in the middle of a big picnic table of food, maybe set on an oilcloth tablecloth.

3. Mini egg piƱatas!

Yeah, I'm making these for every occasion now. I'm still in love with them.

Here's Oliver smashing his. It took some muscle (mine)! If only I had a real camera and could've caught the moment it popped it open.

4. Giant crepe paper flowers!

You could use these to decorate your table, your wall, your chandelier, etc. I am using them to decorate myself on Saturday! They'll either go in my hair, or up one shoulder. It's the burlesque, I know. 

I bought these red, white and green flowers several years ago in the Mission, but here is a great tutorial on how to make your own. Really beautiful.

Please note: The "Cybil-Shepard-in-Moonlighting" white, fuzzy appearance of these photos is due to my new best friend, Photo Booth.

I am my mother's daughter. NO holiday gets past me, even if I'm not really sure what the holiday stands for. And one that is celebrated in San Francisco with a ton of beer and chips and salsa (and ironically a reservation at a New American cuisine restaurant in the Italian part of town Saturay night for us!), is not going to go uncelebrated in some way in our house. The kids are really excited to suck down those Jarritos, and hopefully we'll have some great weather. Not to mention the Italian flag and the Mexican flag have THE SAME COLORS! So I can totally wear those flowers out on Saturday night and be relevant in North Beach or the Mission!

Oh, also, don't forget about this guy. Cake is ALWAYS a good decoration!

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