memorial day 2012

My father's private practice sign.

Memorial Day. My father wasn't a soldier, but he was enlisted during the Korean War, and worked for years and years as a civil engineer at an airbase in New Hampshire, now closed. I could say a lot about my dad right now, but today is not for him. I do miss him and his spartan style.

Both my grandfathers and my great uncle were military men. My grandfather Bill passed away last year, my grandfather Norman passed away almost forty years ago. I wrote about Bill here and Norman here. They thankfully survived their tours of duty, so today is not for them, but I am thankful to them for all they gave, as well as for all that their wives sacrificed. 

It is awkward to write words of thank you on Memorial Day to people who have suffered and died that one has never met, without sounding sentimental and self centered (at least, it is for me). I just wanted to say that I take this day seriously and that I am truly thankful to any person at any capacity who has given their life, their mental health, or even their pinky finger for their country. I hope they are all remembered personally in as many ways and by as many people as they deserve to be. Any more than that and I'm am just going to sound sentimental.


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