a little project: no-sew bunting

When you have children, nothing is linear. Like when you take on a project that should take an hour and it takes five or eight. I'm so used to it now. I always tell people who think I get a lot done now to wait until these two are older and I'm closer to my old rate of productivity! Here's how we made some no-sew bunting yesterday for a little party we're having today, in a non-linear sort of way.

First, a breakfast of champions. Philz and a vegan chocolate donut.

Next, iron a treasured old fitted sheet that is too threadbare to use anymore.

Our template gave us an 8 1/2" tall triangle with a 5 1/2" wide base.

Aaaand, first kid down.

Trace the triangle once, than flip over at the base and trace again, creating a large diamond shape that you can fold back into a triangle after it's been cut out.

Easily entertained.

More ironing. More tracing and cutting.

My sad, sparkly Charlie Brown Christmas tree from my recent performance has found new life as a plaything.

Intermission! The Muppets at the Balboa Theater in the Richmond!

Final step. I strung the individual pieces on kitchen twine, placing the twine along the ironed crease of the diamond shaped fabric, then hot glueing well below where the twine sits, in order to create a little sleeve. I put a dot of glue at the bottom of each flag to hold the two sides of the tips together.

The final product: no-sew bunting!


  1. Great project & festive result!!! Love the no-sew and reuse of old material. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful! Now I wish we hadn't thrown out all our old sheets. The final result is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is too cute! I really love the pic of him in front of the mac. He looks super happy about whatever he is doing. :-)

  4. The bunting looks so great! I might have to bite on your style in this case. :) Did you make the template yourself?


  5. I love your new bunting! My sheets are rather boring...lots of grey and black.

    What a great idea.

  6. Thanks ladies! I am sad to see those awesome giant sheets go, but I've always wanted to make a bunting, and now they will live on!

    Melissa, yes, the template is just a piece of cardboard and I show the dimensions above (around 5 1/2" wide at the base, 8 1/2" tall at the middle. Go ahead and bite on my style! :)

  7. Three years late, but this is freakingperfect!! Hate sewing, have twine in the house already, woohoo! Thanks so much for the great idea.

    1. Thank you, Nora! I appreciate you finding this tutorial and commenting, even three years later! :)


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