for the birds: an urban nest!

Proof positive!

A nest, made from yarn taken from our suet cage nester that has been hanging off our back deck for two years.

Sadly, we found the nest on the ground out near the sidewalk. So, not really a win-win.

Ever since I picked this little cage up in a shop in Troy, NY two winters ago, I have been scouring the trees in our backyard and on our block in hopes of catching a glimpse of some magenta or blue yarn. Well, when Stella and I got home on Sunday after our Mother's Day excursion, I looked down and right at my feet was this nest. Again, a sad discovery for Mother's Day. But really cool to know some bird around here was making use of this thing. I commented back in January on this article, about a bird nest helper featured at Apartment Therapy, that I didn't think we had the kind of birds interested in colorful yarn for nesting, but I was wrong! By the way, it's very possible the person featured in that article is the one that made our nester, but I'm not sure.

Pretty simple stuff. I would've done an F.Y.I., but you probably get the gist just by looking at it. A cage, a bunch of three inch sections of yarn, a hanging chain, you're done.

True story: I was recently bemoaning (to myself) that Stella had never found a real bird's nest, and that we didn't live somewhere where she ever could, and was really hoping it would happen on our trip east this summer. This was like a week ago. I'm not kidding. Pretty cool.


  1. Wow, that is so neat and interesting. Cool that you have real proof that your contribution helped out. Great for your kids to see too!


    1. Thanks, Loulou! It was such an awesome thing, just lying there at our feet! :)

  2. Very cool to find those colorful pieces of yarn being utilized! Neato!


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