when you marry on mother's day

When you marry on Mother's Day, a whirlwind of little celebrations ensues every year at your anniversary.
There have been so many little sublime moments this weekend, it's been really fun.

Because David and my special day got pushed out a week, I wasn't sure what, if any, sort of acknowledgement there would be of our anniversary on Friday. I was more than surprised when I woke up and was presented with the most beautiful card and gift from David. It's not easy being married nine years, at our "advanced" age with two young children. The card is one of those types of cards that I'll keep by my bedside probably for the rest of my life. So reaffirming and thoughtful. And the gift was unlike any I've ever been given before.


 Stella's uncontrollable laughter during her end of the year performance. She couldn't
contain herself while the boys sang "I Feel Pretty". Neither could David and I. It was
moment to remember.

 Oliver suddenly ran a sky-high fever and became lethargic during the performance. He's spent the whole weekend sickish, but always in good spirits (that's his M.O.). The fog rolled in fast and heavy Friday night, we were caught off guard.

 David's coffee dripper arrived from Austin way sooner than expected, and only one day late post-anniversary.

 Our friend Mike threw in a new mug as well to go with the one-of-a-kind coffee dripper. Both so beautiful.

 I love spending Mother's Day alone with Stella. First, sleeping in, then a shower, and the whole post-shower production without having to change a diaper or make a breakfast. After being bestowed with many homemade gifts from Stella, on to the nail salon. I asked for my Band Aid to be painted, too, and they obliged. Pretty cool!

 The Indian buffet Stella has owed me for three years, since refusing to go
one day when I was starving and pregnant with Oliver.

Of course sicky needed my immediate attention when I got home, which is why
I'm stuck on the bed writing this right now.

The mister and me. Like he said, here's to nine times nine more years.


  1. Aw so cute! Again, Happy Anniversary!

    I love love love that photo of Stella! I probably wouldn't be able to contain myself either.

    Hope Oliver gets well soon!

    1. Yes, LT. With your sense of humor, you would've loved it. She lost it for over a minute and we've never seen her do that before. So great. And, Oliver's on the mend, thank you! :)

  2. love the coffee dripper and the band-aid, love the pictures, love the writing... and love the giggles!

    1. Thank you, Lola! I am glad you stopped by, reminds me to catch up on your blog when I have time this week!

      The Band-Aid thing was kind of brilliant, I thought! I need to wear a Band-Aid a few more weeks so I ordered the color from the salon so that I can paint them as I change them. Can't tell from a few feet away that it's not my real toe nail!

  3. Happy 9th!!!!!! Looks like you all had a fab weekend, despite fevers and fog!

    I love the giggle fit and I L-O-V-E your bright pink skirt!!!!

    1. Firstly, WOW, hi Jenny!

      And, thank you! It was wonderful, and we actually get to celebrate WITHOUT kids all day this coming weekend. It's the anniversary that keeps on giving!

      The skirt was a great find at the Goodwill on Upper Haight. They've upped their game recently, yay! xoxo

  4. Happy Anniversary and Mother's Day!

    I had a wonderful day too my kids could hardly wait to give me all the gifts they made!

    1. I'm so glad your Mother's Day was good. I'll have to go check and see if you're going to share the gifts on your blog! :)


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