ideas for cinco de mayo: sangrita, served two ways!

I am married to a hottie from Jalisco, a total Tapatío. He likes to have a little fuertecito every now and then. And when the days are warm, he likes to mix it up with his homemade sangrita.

I convinced mi merry marido to share his secret recipe with me, and we made a delicious spicy batch. If you like to drink a Bloody Mary, you might like this. If you're looking for a refreshing way to beat the heat, you might love this. You can either sip it with your tequila, or mix it in your beer. It can be varying levels of spicy, depending on the batch of jalapeños you get, or if you replace the vinegar with, say, chili water, as David did recently. This sangrita has a nice orange tone up front, backed by tomato, with a nice, spicy kicker.

INGREDIENTS (makes a nice sized pitcher, and a little sangrita goes a long way):

8 oz. tomato or vegetable juice
8 oz. orange juice
3-4 jalepeños
2-3 tbsp. white vinegar
juice of one lime, more or less


 The ingredients. The basic recipe is one part o.j. + one part tomato juice plus one-half part a combination
of three puréed roasted jalapeños topped off with vinegar. Add a squeeze or three of lime.

Use your comal, or a cast iron skillet, to blacken all sides of the jalapeños.

 When all sides charred, take off of heat and set under a bowl to
steam out of their skins. Takes about ten minutes.

Peel and purée. Our blender is almost twenty years old, so we don't get
much of a puree until later when there are more liquids in the blender.

 This is three roasted, peeled and "puréed" jalapeños in a half cup measuring cup.
Top this off with the vinegar to make a full half cup. Again, what is shown here
is not puréed, due to our inefficient blender, but your jalapeños should be well
puréed at this point!

Put the orange and tomato juices, the jalapeño/vinegar mix, and a squeeze or two of lime juice into the blender, and REALLY purée. Pop that back in the refrigerator to chill.

When you're ready to drink, here's what you do. First, beer.

 Assembly your bar: Tecate tall boy(s), limes, shot glass, pint glass, sea or rock salt, pitcher of sangrita.

Wet rim of glass with lime and salt the rim. Fill a shot glass with sangrita.

 Fill bottom quarter of pint glass with beer. Add entire shot of sangrita. Finish filling glass with beer.

 Garnish with a lime wedge (or maybe a pickled jalapeño).  Drink it up while it's nice and cold!

And now the tequila version. Real simple.

 Procure bottle of tequila and pitcher of sangrita.

 Pour a nice hefty shot of each.

Sip away! Remember, sip sangrita first, then tequila. And repeat!

I'm working up several Cinco de Mayo ideas this week. Check back and click here to see them all. Salud!


  1. Ok, I'll be over at 8, with some tamales in my purse :-) That looks wonderful, how did you learn to make that?

    1. Yay, come for dinner!

      David actually did a bunch of "research" and picked a few waiters' brains at a local restaurant, and made a few batches until he got it right! He was determined to duplicate it!


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