what i: pillowcase dress

It has been a long time since I've posted a "What I" post. I have had Stella shoot photos of me wearing a few different things over the last few months, but I'll be honest. I'm at a big-for-me size right now, and half the weight is in my face, and there aren't too many photos a person who is half my height can take of me and not get ALL CHIN.

BUT, I was determined to show off this dress. It's a vintage pillowcase dress. A pillowcase dress is usually made for younger girls by using a pillowcase that is cut open at the top and cinched with a tie at the neckline. This one is adult sized, and the attention to detail is wonderful, and I am just crazy for the pattern and colors. This usually happens when my weight is on the upswing...I'm drawn to crazy, clowny, attention getting pieces. While conventional wisdom would have me wearing some "slimming" black or whatnot, I am usually on the lookout for some great applique or design in a big color scheme. Maybe the exciting clothing pulls your eye from my form? I don't know!

 Circusy and bold, just how I love it.

 Bear with me here, just trying a few different shots.

Look at this basket applique detail. It's wonderful. The red
and yellow flowers are spilling out, so clever.

I found this beauty on Etsy (this shop) while searching for maxi dresses for our summer vacation and it's the only pillowcase dress I could find for a grown woman. This is simple enough that I am thinking of making another one. I'd love one in emerald green. I don't use a sewing machine, but there is a dry cleaner nearby who hems things for me who can probably do the long parts for me and I'll hand-sew the rest. And I know the second my mother reads this she's going to call and ask me to mail it to her so she can duplicate it for me. :)


  1. Anni did a pillow case dress for a halloween pippi outfit. So easy and fun.



    1. So cute, Randy! I love Pippi, too. You guys got Anni's hair just right!

  2. I grew up wearing pillowcase dresses (of course! VT/NH - same sensibility). And by the way - you look fantastic...you always have and always do :)

    1. Aw shucks, Kindley! Thank you, you're so sweet! You know where I first saw one of these? Hannah Andersson catalogue. They have tons of ones on sale right now, will probably grab a few for Stella this week! xoxo

  3. You look adorable! All these colorful dress and lovely blue swedish are just "instrument" of your amazing style and I really love it!

  4. Replies
    1. :) I am now addicted to shopping for large, colorful, vintage sundresses on Etsy. I have like thirty items in my shopping cart I think!


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