what i: vintage blue dress, starting to fit

what i:

Consciously fighting "duck lips", and winning the fight.

Oh, joy! I wore this dress last winter, but it feels much better on today. See this post for my thoughts on using my own closet as motivation to climb out of my (two year) postpartum frumpy fog.

Those are my "signature" turquoise John Fluevog Vanny pumps. I own three of the same pair. I wish I didn't have a signature shoe, but no shoe in my fleet serves me like these do. Socks, stockings, bare feet, whatever. NEVER a blister. I have literally walked almost four miles in these shoes with no problem at all. And the complements! From the ladies of course, but still. I'm all about the complements. I try to mix it up, but walking that Panhandle five days a week doesn't leave me many options!


  1. I'm obsessed with blue shoes! I have one pair of Fluevogs (boots) but never went back to the brand. My post-partum frump is very noticeable in my shoe selection (lack of time to shop + sciatica = boring, old shoes). I'm-a look at these on their site. BTW, you look gorgey.

  2. You are too kind, Lizard. I can't imagine you being frumpy evah, but if you're looking to Fluevog for help, I wish you good luck finding the Vanny style. I think there are some floating around eBay in pink and red. I'm pretty sure I snapped up all the turquoise ones I could find a few years ago!

    So if you happen to see some more size 9 turquoise beauties, and you don't want 'em, let me know! :)


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