how to heal an ulcer with cabbage juice

Poor David. He's been in a lot of discomfort over the last month due to some bad medical advice regarding baby aspirin (so sorry, babe), combined with his beloved hand-dripped coffee, eating literally two to three pounds of organic heirloom tomatoes from our CSA box each week, and a little fuertecito on return home from work each day. Looks like he went and gave himself an ulcer or two.

So, for the last ten days he has been religiously juicing cabbages, morning and night. The stench while the juicer is running is terrible. Our compost can smells ten times worse than usual. He juices the cabbages just seconds after he chops them into wedges, and cuts the mix with carrots to break down the sulfur taste and smell a little. A pint an hour before breakfast, a pint an hour before dinner. It has caused a little mayhem in our tiny kitchen, for sure.

But it was worth it. Yesterday, David ended his ten day regimen and is feeling no pain. An endoscopy at the beginning of the week showed no sign of ulceration. No medication required.

Our friend Irina tipped us off to this remedy around the same time David was reading studies from years and years ago on cabbage juice rapidly healing ulcers. It's really sort of unbelievable. 

Stay tuned for what I do with all of these half-juiced heads of cabbage.


  1. well, i got the info from my acupuncturist, Renee Hahn,,, have to give her the credit.... so glad David is better!-ira

  2. Good advice! I hope you are feeling well, too! xoxo


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