the dog days

Do you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm? I loved Larry's recent "the dog days are OVER!" line to Harry Hamlin's character, "Big Dog". So funny.

Anyhoo, it's just about fall, so naturally this past weekend the heat finally made it to San Francisco. It stuck around for a few days, although I think I feel it waning right now. Here's what we look like hot!

At the pool in Marin, and passed out from heat and exhaustion on the drive home.

Headed south on the Golden Gate Bridge with no fog in the late afternoon. Rare treat (the fog, not the bridge, we're on that thing all the time).

"Second dinner", before bed. Everyone was hungry hungry from all that swimming.

Bare legs at music class and on the playground.

Rejected "What I" photo shoot. "What I" hadn't done is washed my hair for three days.

Three days in a row of ice cream!

When it's warm here in San Francisco, you carpe diem. Believe it!


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