what i: new coat

what i:

I'm going to take a stab at some "style"-styled postings. Stella can practice trying to hold the phone upright while pushing the button until I get a real camera, and I can document my progress as I emerge from the cocoon called "caring for a small child". 

Something clicked inside of me about a month ago, I am positive it has to do with night-weaning Oliver and finally getting five, six, even seven hour stretches of sleep at a time now. All of a sudden I am excited about getting dressed in the morning. I feel good!

I got a lot of great feedback from this post a while back regarding being inspired by my own body and the contents of my own closet. The scale has moved a little, which is fantastic, but it's really just that critical sleep that has re-animated me. The dancing and performing helps, too. And the juicer. My approach is four-pronged, really. 

I got a new coat. I love it. It doesn't keep me warm and if I sweat in it one time I will most likely ruin it, but it is so sweet. I saw it at calivintage, and had to have it. Thank you, David!


  1. where is that coat from i LOVE the looks of it!

  2. Hi there,

    I bought it from YOOX.com. I think they are sold out, but there are some killer dresses and skirts on YOOX right now by the same designer, Bensoni. Be warned, YOOX is dangerous!


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