round up: grey, grey skies

Last week was my least favorite week of the year, of the last several years, really. I'm glad it's over. It was so grey, I was pulling some almost-all-nighters costuming, and David's got something brewing in his gut which had us serving him plantains for breakfast and cabbage juice before every meal to try to help him feel better. Oh, what a stench. Our juicer has been going full throttle since we bought it a few weeks ago. I will have to do a little post in the future of my favorite concoctions so far. 

Lucky for us, Oliver and Stella will brighten any day.

Ten o'clock a.m., typical.

Temporary study station/our "advertising company" office.

The cure for what ails ya?

Honestly, this is how I was feeling.

 Stella volunteered to sing the Dragon Song on Spirit Day. Brave!


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