first a chicken, now a sheep

I have been so busy working on costumes for a show coming up on Tuesday that I haven't been able to get much else done, or cleaned, or cooked. I did get the kids into the bath once, and before school to boot. That was a coup.

Bombshell Betty, with her many talents and skills, has choreographed another animal act for us to do. This time, instead of being a feathery, shiny yellow chicken disguised as a bunny, I'm a feathery, shiny black sheep. Jumping over a tiny fence. While Betty sings "Dream A Little Dream" (it's a bedtime story/pajama party themed show). It's a sweet little number, save for all the "baaaaa"-ing we'll be doing. The costume is pretty simple with lots of black sequins. Still took me hours to make the tap pants. 

I've been bedazzling the costume for my other act with rhinestones. This is the first time I've used them, and it is addictive. This is something I can do for hours and hours and not bat a false eyelash. Except I keep stopping to hold the rhinestones up to the light. I can't believe I've become one of those girls who likes shiny things. I don't even have an engagement ring! 

Even with all these late night sewing and sparkling sessions, the costumes for this month are SOOOO much easier than what I designed for my July acts. Remember these? SOOOO much easier!

 Don't ask.

 Tap pants and awesome giant iridescent black feather fascinator for "Dream A Little Dream".


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