what i: thinspiration (or "regaining normalcy")

After Oliver and David tackled the night weaning a week or so ago, the landscape of my life is finally changing. No longer am I shackled to the bed most of the night nursing, such being the life of an attachment parent/on-demand nurser. I can get up and clean up, shower, work on projects, read, what have you. It is still sinking in that my day no longer ends at 8:45 p.m. Imagine how much I can accomplish now!

This has got me thinking about who I was before Oliver came along. I was running my own architecture business and I was in the best shape of my life. I pulled up some pictures of myself from that time frame. It's crazy to think how big I thought I was back then! Oof! But what I feel today is hopeful. Looking at myself and what I was able to do back then....it's only five years later, can it really be that hard to do again? Back then I was 36, 37, 38 years old, metabolism was in full effect from nursing and following Weight Watchers (yes, I admit it), and EVERYTHING in my closet fit. Seeing these photos of myself might provide more inspiration than looking at a fashion magazine or blog. This is me, the very flesh and bone I'm wearing now! Maybe I can do this again!

It is wild to think I've been performing onstage since December of last year and that has not motivated me to get into better shape (that might just be the nature of the performing I'm doing, it really is okay to just be whoever you are, I totally get that). Or the fact that I have about seven dresses that fit but can't squeeze into any of my pants. Intellectually that should be a HUGE motivator. I love my clothes and I want to wear them! Obviously this stuff goes deep. I have my "good" excuses, Stella and Oliver, my two ten-pound babies. But Stella is back in school now and Oliver fits snugly into the jogging stroller. I live near a giant park. When will it be GO time? How about....starting....NOW!

 What's this....a jaw line?!

This photo used to make me cringe. Not anymore.



  1. You are adorable! Love that one piece!!!!!!!!!

    I am 20 lbs heavier than normal right now...a little scarey...and I was flipping through my old photos from 5 years ago....

    I can be kind to myself because I am only 8 weeks post partum...but at what point do I start being accountable again? with the first baby it was at the 9 month mark...I realized when baby was 9 months I was still 10lbs over and I took action...

    anyways - nice to meet you! this post hits home!

  2. I was in great shape at the beginning of 2010 and now have a buddha belly, back aches from the back fat and just feel crappy. I try not to be too hard on myself because I got divorced, changed jobs twice, stepped into a job which needed a lot of hours and moved a few times, including to a whole other island away from my exertennis class and close friends of years.

    I'm the type that needs a routine and once I fall off of it, have a hard time getting back on so the past few years have been a constant flux. So with 2012, I'm focusing on healthier habits and regular exercise.

    Btw, I'm a WWer too, a lifetime member for years but I'm gonna try without this time. I use Sparks which is free and I'd really just like to focus on healthy slow food eating and see what happens.

    Here's my own tales from the scale.. http://mauishopgirl.com/2011/08/a-weighty-issue/

  3. Hi Shannon, I'm so glad to meet you today! I can't believe you are even having issue with your weight! You have an amazing figure and you are SO early in your postpartum phase. I am 28 MONTHS postpartum and the scale has only moved four pounds in the last YEAR! In my life, weight loss has always and only happened when I was truly ready. I think you look great!

    Tania, you have been through a lot over the last few years. And I am the same way about falling off and not getting back on. How was WW so easy five years ago? I think I was willing to be hungry back then, and now I'm not, really. I'm going to check out this Sparks thing and your link right now......


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