the barn

We spent part of the Fourth of July in my super sweet Aunt Kate's super sweet back barn, the "third" structure on her property. This was a total joy. Spending quality time with my aunt, who I never get to see, in this amazing little barn structure, hiding out from the heat and lunching on sandwiches made with delicious thin slices of Pepperidge Farm bread (that's something you don't find on the West Coast) and drinking a few liters of pink lemonade. All awesome.

Growing up, we had a screened in porch on the back of our house and spent so much time there in the summer. If I lived at my Aunt's house now, I'd probably move the whole family out to this barn until the leaves started to change. It was an oasis in an otherwise predictably busy and loud (and new to both of the kids, born and raised in foggy, cold San Francisco) Fourth of July.

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