Renegade Craft Fair, that is. It was full of wow. Loved it, considering applying to it in the future. A few quality hours just Stella and I, looking at everything, TWICE. Super impressed.

Let's cut to the chase, here's our loot:

clockwise from top left: tina produce cloth napkins••migration goods amazing hydrangea fascinator headbands••kitty baby love kitty egg crayon••casa de chocolates Tapatio + mezcal bon bons••krank press letterpress tags••dutch door press tea towels*
center: pollyanna cowgirl goody-packs

*Actually, I purchased those tea towels from my friend Anna of Dutch Door Press this week at her studio, but there were loads of their beautiful towels on display at the fair.

You know I love hydrangeas, right? I had to have this. This photo is no good, but the headband is extremely good.

And I thought I was obsessed with them.

I am a sucker for gift tags, I am a sucker for simple, colorful graphics. That is all.

Gorgeous screenprinted berries in baskets on napkins in baskets.

So now you know what you're getting for Christmas. You're welcome!

Not represented here, because I just couldn't this time, but will keep in mind for the future:

I love the coffee art from row boat press. I am finally getting over my fear of prints of original work, starting with the two prints I bought from the super cool Alyson of Drywell Art earlier in the year. She makes awesome "quality meat art", and was selling at Renegade.

Stella and I would take almost anything from Twinkie Chan. Yeah, you heard me. Twinkie Chan.

Handmade dresses I really liked at the Rusty Cuts booth, really cute.

Fascinating tiny curiosities from Leafcutter Designs.

There were so many great bags, and gorgeous handmade dolls that we loved. I know I'm forgetting so many artists I liked. The full list of Renegade artists is here, in case you're interested. With my piƱata eggs and soon my holiday cards selling at Rare Device, I'm wondering if maybe I should get in on this retail thing a little more. My mother was extremely successful at this type of thing back in her day, so big shoes to fill. Something to consider. Hmmn.

And now you know what you're getting me for Christmas. Thanks!

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