i'm on the hunt

Have you ever had the incredibly frustrating experience of not being able to find something on the internet? Something you know is out there somewhere, and something you want badly, but always eludes you? Happens to me all the time, and it's happening right now.

I am on the hunt for a very specific line of vintage swimsuits: Sea Molds by Flexees. I own one absolutely perfect Sea Molds piece, and I would be so, SO happy to get my hands on another. The one I own is so special! I found it at the truly amazing Decades of Fashion vintage shop in the Upper Haight last year. I was "forced" to alter it (install a tear-open crotch and add sequins to the neckline) for a burlesque performance last July, which you can peek at here. But it is still beautiful. The detailing blows my mind, and the colors of the flags are so playful. I'm in love with it! It hangs on my "wall of burlesque" in my bedroom and I stare at it frequently. It fascinates me in its design and construction. I even love the brand name and the font on the tag. This is just one of those things that rubs me the right way in every way!

After combing the internet for several nights, I could only find one lovely two-piece Sea Molds suit, which had already been sold, and two pricey dark rompers (here's one) that didn't give me the same thrill. Each of the three listings included the word "rare". Not a good sign! Every other search yielded only old advertisements of possibly even MORE fabulous suits. Maddening, and what a timesuck! What if I could actually get my hands on this awesome lime green swimsuit? This advertisement is being sold by Etsy seller OldPaperShop, by the way.

I'm going to run my predicament by Alix and Dottie, the wonderful vintage specialists at Modern Kiddo. If there is anyone who can clue me in on where to find another one of these gems, I think it'll be them. But, if YOU find anything, ever, in a brick-and-mortar vintage shop or online, in sizes that translate to a modern day 8-12, PLEASE let me know! I know there are a lot of other glamourous vintage swimsuit makers out there, but I'm a little obsessed with the Sea Molds. Where did they all go!?


  1. Oh that suit is AMAZING!!!! I love it! OK sistah, the hunt is ON! xo


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