Farmhouse living is absolutely intoxicating to me. I've stepped foot in only a handful of farmhouses in my life, spent the night in maybe three. The first stop on our East Coast tour was at our friends Matt and Melissa's rented farmhouse in Red Hook, New York, and if that had been the only place we visited on our vacation I would've been as happy as a clam. It's the fresh, warm air and the smell of pantry items and grass and animals. I never can get enough of it all. It's my ideal situation, I think.

The very most important thing on my whole agenda was achieved on the first night, and again on several consecutive nights: chasing fireflies. Neither of our kids had ever seen one before, and they were out en masse. Matt and Melissa did some farm fresh cooking for us, we drank a bunch of beer, and we saw some gorgeous Hudson Valley sights. It was a perfect visit with a dear old friend (and guru) and a new one, too.


  1. The series of images tell the story, fell like I was there! Wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much, Tania! It was a real highlight of our trip. I wish we were still there!


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