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Back to the vacation log!

On the first Monday of our trip, we packed our bags, said goodbye to our friends in Troy, and set out on the four hour drive to Wolfeboro, my home town. We stopped in Brattleboro, Vermont and ate sandwiches in the car while the rain spat. Poor Oliver had some freak allergy attack at our friends' house and half his face was swollen like a balloon, which made him such a sympathetic little character. That day was a sweet, cool memory, driving across the entire bottom of Vermont on a route I've driven hundreds of times in my life.

We made it into Wolfeboro mid-afternoon, checked into our sweet little cottage, and headed out for dinner and a drive to the beach. The view in the photo above is one I will always remember. In the summer my father used to meet us at this beach for cheese sandwiches after work, and it's where my mother would take us all weekend long with her posse of work friends, and it's where I lifeguarded for several years. I've stared at this view for more hours than I can even imagine, I'm sure.

Next morning? Dunkin' Donuts! While I am mortified that a shop like this has made its way into a small town like Wolfeboro, and while we live in a city rife with places like this, the temptation was strong. It was right up the road!

After gorging on donuts we headed to the beach for the day, and after that did some late afternoon grocery shopping, and after that took a stroll into town and back in the warm evening weather. This was the day I'd been fantasizing about since we last visited Wolfeboro in the summer, six years ago. Some days things feel too sacred to pull out the camera much, this being one of them.

I have taken so many photographs of donuts lately, I just couldn't help myself.

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