corners: small changes

I finally procured the banner I've been dying to get my hands on (see my banner collection herefrom the recently closed Conservatory of Flowers Playland exhibit right before we took off for vacation. As soon as I got all of our bags unpacked (most tedious chore ever) I hung this baby.

It's so rad. Did you know they sell these, and banners from each exhibit after it closes, at the Conservatory of Flowers in their gift shop, and they don't cost much at all.

I displaced all the artwork (which was mostly my own) that had hung in this niche when I hung the banner. David was sad to see that the stencil cutouts we had pinned up of the four of our initials in that area were gone. It made me sad to see him sad, so I used my precious nanny time yesterday to surprise him by stenciling our initials on another wall, permanently.

Our precious nanny took this photo during precious nanny time.

I came back from our vacation inspired by airy spaces and wonderful weather, and was compelled to bring a little more of that into our place. Happens every time we go away for a stretch. I haven't moved in so, SO long, so every once in a while mixing it up feels really good.

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