round up: this one's for the memories

Keeping track of our summer vacation is why this blog was born. In the spirit of preserving memories I'm rounding up the first two "real" weeks of Summer Break 2012!

At the museum, intensely inspecting the Madagascar cockroaches, and the bees.

Quail eggs just lyin' on the floor!

Stella in music class with us. My favorite morning of the week just got better.

A nice, warm, really silly evening.

Stella was sick, and took her tea with an ice donut embedded with lemon slices.

That particular sick day we played a heck of a lot of "restaurant".

This guy is the boss of everything.

Father's Day drinks at the bar at NOPA for all!

Patiently waiting for an orange soda. Adorable!

The man of the hour.

Stella and I got away to our friend Laura's for a while after our NOPA brunch.

A walk through the park to the Conservatory of Flowers to see the fantastic Plantosaurus Rex exhibit.

Not a great shot, but this guy crashes through the roof!

Playing chase and resting on the lawn afterwards.

Gorgeous day.

I've been staying up way, way too late to get some time to myself. I spend one whole evening just getting together calendars and lists. All my upcoming obligations are still on the really fun side, so....still
feeling very lucky.

Just for our memories' sake, we also made a trek to the pool, watched Beetlejuice one afternoon, rode the ferry to and from Sausalito with our friends Dani, Maddy and Beth. We attended two birthday parties. We sat around a lot. Great summer so far. xoxoxoxo

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